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Top Sustainable Materials in Commercial Interior Design

It’s becoming more and more important to do what we can to slow climate change.  As well as those working in commercial interior design considering the best ways to produce creative and sustainable commercial developments, manufacturers are also coming up with a new generation of sustainable products.

There’s a lot of sustainable materials on the market, which is brilliant in our opinion. As more become available,  commercial interior design companies are challenged to get more creative, produce more beautiful options, at a more competitive price. Rather than a list of every single material available, we’ve highlighted a few standout products.


Mycelium Sustainable Materials Commercial Interior Design


Products made from mycelium are at the frontier of sustainable products, but what is it. Mycelium is the thread like roots of fungus, this can then be processed in a number of different ways to produce all sorts of versatile materials, including; leather substitutes, insulation foams, packaging, acoustic panels and even sustainable buoys.


Air Purifying Paint Crown - Commercial Interior Design

Air purifying paints – Crown – Commercial Interior Design and Domestic Range

Air purifying paints might not be completely new, but with house hold brand Crown bringing out the Clean Air range, we’re finally seeing this technology being readily available to the domestic market as well as commercial interior design.

It can remove up to 45% of the formaldehyde present from the air. The paint is also 99% solvent free, and asthma and allergy friendly. It’s also Class 1 scrubbable and stain resistant.

Crown are aiming for Net Zone and 0% of waste to landfill by 2025. The packaging is made from recycled material, and they recycled over 1 million cans with partner Nimtech in 2022.


Ananas Anam - Sustainable Products Commercial Interior Design

Ananas Anam

Ananas Anam make products from waste pineapple leaves, these are normally considered a waste product of pineapple farming. By doing this they also create social impact by introducing jobs to rural areas, diversifying income to the pineapple farmers, who normally rely on seasonal harvest. In addition, any left-overs are used for fertiliser or biofuel.

Ananas Anam have 2 main products Piñatex and Piñayarn, these are a leather substitute and a cotton or yarn substitute.  These are used for clothing, furniture, footwear, accessories, sporting items, and continually expanding into new areas. Being able to produce these from pineapple leaves means less space is needed for farming additional items.


Foresso Sustainable material Commercial Interior Design

Foresso – The Commercial Interior Design Timber Terrazzo

Foresso have created a uniquely beautiful sheet material useful for furniture, work surfaces and other items you might normally make from sheet material. They aim to create beauty from “unavoidable waste with as low an impact as possible”.

They source materials from within the UK, use no single use plastics, including plastic free packaging. Plus less than 5% of their waste goes to landfill, this is usually PPE. Their overall aim is to become Waste Negative, which means to consume more waste product that they produce.  Green on-site solar power gives almost 100% of their energy needs.



As a commercial interior design company we aim to improve people’s wellbeing by creating workspaces which are thoughtful and deliberate. We designed to enhance lives, whether though better layouts for workflow, introducing plants into a space, choosing sustainable and innovative finishes and many other personalised ideas.