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Office Refurbishment Contractor Manchester FIRAS Accreditation Fire Doors

The How to Guide on Fitting a Fire Door for an Office Refurbishment Company

For an office refurbishment company ensuring fire safety during a fitout is paramount, and one crucial aspect of this is the compliant installation of fire doors. Timber fire doors, in particular, play a crucial role in preventing the spread of fire and smoke, safeguarding lives and property. To ensure the highest standards of installation and compliance with fire safety regulations, many people turn to a FIRAS accredited office refurbishment company. We’ll explore the significance of FIRAS accreditation and provide a comprehensive guide on fitting timber fire doors in accordance with these stringent standards.

Understanding FIRAS Accreditation:

FIRAS (Fire Industry Association Registration Scheme) accreditation is a mark of excellence in the fire protection industry. It serves as a quality assurance scheme, ensuring that an office refurbishment company and their contractors and installers meet rigorous standards in terms of technical competency, product performance, and the application of appropriate installation methods. FIRAS accreditation provides assurance that the installation of fire protection products, including timber fire doors, complies with relevant regulations and industry best practices.

Office Refurbishment Contractor Manchester FIRAS Accreditation Fire Doors

Key Steps of implementing and installation of Timber Fire Doors with FIRAS Accreditation for an Office Refurbishment Company:

  1. Thorough Assessment and Planning:
    • Before commencing any installation, conduct a thorough assessment of the building and its specific fire safety requirements. (Check received drawings and specifications in line with building requirements).
  2. Selecting FIRAS Accredited Products:
    • Choose a timber fire doors manufacturer that. This ensures that the doors meet the required standards for fire resistance and performance.
  3. Installation by Competent Personnel:
    • Only engage a FIRAS-accredited office refurbishment company, contractor or similar Q Mark installers for fitting timber fire doors. These professionals have undergone rigorous training to demonstrate their competency in fire door installation.
  4. Compliance with Regulations:
    • Ensure auditing takes place to ensure that the installation process adheres to relevant building regulations and standards, which provide guidelines for the installation of fire doors.
  5. Correct Hardware and Seals:
    • Install the appropriate hardware, including hinges, latches, and seals, as specified by the door manufacturer and fire safety regulations.
    • Check that all components are compatible and contribute to the overall fire resistance of the door assembly.
  6. Record Keeping:
    • Maintain detailed records of the installation process, including specifications, test certificates, and any deviations from the standard procedures.
  7. Post-Installation Inspection:
    • Conduct post-installation inspections to ensure that the timber fire doors perform as intended.
    • Address any issues promptly and document any corrective actions taken.

Office Refurbishment Contractor Manchester FIRAS Accreditation Fire Doors

A Committed Office Refurbishment Company and FIRAS Accreditation

Fitting timber fire doors in line with FIRAS accreditation is a commitment to ensuring the highest standards of fire safety. As an office refurbishment contractor, adhering to FIRAS guidelines, you contribute to the overall safety of buildings and the protection of occupants. When it comes to fire safety, there is no room for compromise, and FIRAS accreditation provides the assurance that your timber fire door installations meet the stringent requirements of the office refurbishment industry. As we continue to prioritize fire safety in construction, FIRAS accreditation remains a symbol of excellence and a commitment to saving lives and protecting property.

If you are looking for an office refurbishment company in Manchester that can help you refurbish and fit out your office space, contact us today. We are FIRAS Accredited and have the expertise, experience, and creativity to create commercial spaces that are functional, beautiful, and innovative.

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