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Office Fit Out Outdoor Space Manchester Truline construction and interior services

How to Enhance Your Office Fit Out with an Outdoor Workspace

When considering an office fit out it could be prudent to include an outdoor workspace if you are looking for ways to improve your employees’ health, wellbeing, productivity and creativity. An outdoor workspace is a setting that allows your workers to perform their tasks outside the conventional indoor office environment. It can be a balcony, a roof terrace, a courtyard, or even a nearby park. An outdoor workspace can offer many benefits for your business and your staff, such as:


  • Increased exposure to natural light, which can boost mood, energy, alertness and sleep quality
  • Improved air quality and ventilation, which can reduce the risk of respiratory infections and allergies
  • Access to biophilic elements, such as plants, water and wildlife, which can lower stress levels, enhance cognitive performance and foster a sense of connection with nature
  • More opportunities for physical activity and movement, which can improve cardiovascular health, prevent musculoskeletal problems and stimulate blood flow to the brain
  • Enhanced creativity and innovation, as being outdoors can stimulate different senses, perspectives and ideas


Office Fit Out Outdoor Space Manchester Truline construction and interior services


However, creating an effective outdoor workspace is not as simple as moving some desks and chairs outside. You need to plan and design your outdoor workspace carefully to ensure that it meets the needs and preferences of your workers, as well as the goals and values of your business. Here are some tips on how to design an office fit out that can enhance your outdoor workspace:


Assess the available space and resources for your office fit out


Before you start your office fit out project, you’ll need to evaluate the potential of your existing outdoor space or look for alternative options nearby. Consider factors such as size, location, accessibility, security, privacy, noise level, weather conditions and amenities. You also need to check the legal and regulatory requirements for using outdoor space for work purposes.


Office Fit Out Outdoor Space Manchester Truline construction and interior services


Choose the right furniture and equipment


You or your chosen office interior designer will need to select furniture and equipment that are suitable for outdoor use, such as weather-resistant, durable, lightweight and portable. You also need to ensure that they are ergonomic, comfortable, and functional for your workers. For example, you might want to provide adjustable chairs and tables, sunshades and umbrellas, power outlets and Wi-Fi extenders, heating and cooling devices, storage units and waste bins.


Create different zones for different activities in your office fit out


It would be prudent for you or your office interior designer to design your outdoor workspace in a way that supports different types of work tasks and modes, such as focused work, collaboration, communication and relaxation. You can create different zones for different activities by using partitions, plants, rugs, lighting and signage. You can also provide a variety of seating options, such as sofas, benches, stools and hammocks.


Office Fit Out Outdoor Space Manchester Truline construction and interior services


Involve your employees in the process of your office fit out


You should consult your employees about their needs, preferences and expectations for working outdoors. You can ask them for feedback, suggestions and ideas on how to improve your outdoor workspace. You can also involve them in the planning, designing and testing phases of your office fit out project. By doing so, you can increase their engagement, satisfaction and ownership of the outdoor workspace.


Monitor and evaluate the outcomes


You need to measure the impact of your outdoor workspace on your business performance and employee wellbeing. You can use various methods and tools to collect data and feedback from your workers, such as surveys, interviews, observations and analytics. You can also compare the results with your indoor workspace or with industry benchmarks. By doing so, you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your outdoor workspace and make adjustments accordingly.


An office fit out that includes an outdoor workspace can be a great investment for your business. It can help you attract and retain talent, enhance productivity and output, foster creativity and innovation, improve health and wellbeing, and create a more progressive and future-proof company culture.


Office Fit Out Outdoor Space Manchester Truline construction and interior services


If you are interested in undertaking an office fit out that can enhance your outdoor workspace or want to learn more about the benefits of working outdoors, please contact us today.


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