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The Softer Side of Office Design

Within office design stark white walls, angular chairs and sharp-edged coffee tables are a thing of the past for most.  2024 now sees an array of organic, curvy lines and cosy plush options in our home interiors and in the workplace.

During the pandemic people were constantly surrounded with their home comforts, soft furnishings, and their personal treasures and now it’s hard to let go.  Now back at work and returning to the office, people long to have their home comforts once again whilst sat at their desks.  So, why can’t they?  Well… there’s no reason why not.  Many companies are trying their best to accommodate this.


Cosy Sofas Office design Office Fit Out Contractor Manchester Truline Construction and Interior Services

Office Design Evolution

Office design has evolved massively over the past few years.  Many businesses aim to create a home from home environment for their staff, to enable them to feel more comfortable and encourage them to spend more time in the office.  Studies show familiar and less formal office environments cause less anxiety to staff, therefore making them happier and more productive.

Office designers are tasked with introducing less formal office fixtures and fittings like large daunting rectangular boardroom tables, and instead replacing them with intimate meeting pods or agile, collaborative areas to encourage more informal discussions within the office.  In the instance where a formal boardroom table is required, an organic shaped table is preferred and softer elements are being introduced, including rugs, comfy curvaceous chunky fabric chairs and and other fabric elements like curtains and voiles. Curtains can be used to create flexible spaces as well bringing a soft, warming, and relaxed feel into the room.  They can add a pop of colour and can be available with acoustic properties, perfect for a boardroom.


Office Design Décor and Accessories

Along with textiles, thoughtfully chosen wallpaper, artwork, plants and other décor elements create a blend of relaxation and style.  These elements are being selected to give familiar nod to residential aesthetics within the workplace.  This helps to create a comfortable and inviting space for staff and therefore make a positive impact on employee mood and creativity.

The evolution of the break rooms is also significant in office design.  It reflects a shift towards recognising the importance of employee well-being. Offices are creating break spaces that foster relaxation and rejuvenation. Instead of the old-style noisy metal or plastic chairs with wobbly dining table – Sofas, lounge chairs and playful beanbags paired with scatter cushions, and rugs help staff to feel more comfortable in a home-like environment.

Cosy Sofas Office design Office Fit Out Contractor Manchester Truline Construction and Interior Services

Curves in Office Design

The use of curves and soft plush fabrics are much more inviting than their straight-lined counterparts.  Curves echo organic forms found in nature and the use of these shapes are softer and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  This creates a more welcoming feel.  For this reason, reception desks are one of the large items within a workplace that office designers are replacing with organic forms, giving the employees and visitors a nice warm and friendly welcome.


Cosy Sofas Office design Office Fit Out Contractor Manchester Truline Construction and Interior Services

If you are looking for a professional and experienced office fit out company in Manchester, look no further than Truline Construction and Interior Services. We can help you design and install a fresh and modern office that suits your needs and preferences. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.

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