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office fit out guide

The Ultimate Office Fit-Out Guide

In an ever-evolving business landscape where employee well-being, productivity, and sustainability are at the forefront, creating an office space that meets the demands of both employers and employees is paramount.

Many of us are still enjoying the work-from-home life since the pandemic, but an increasing number of organisations are shifting back toward normality with in-office work – at least part of the time.

Whether you’re refurbishing an existing office space to entice employees back to the workplace, or you’re kicking off with a blank canvas, this office fit-out guide is just what you need. Grab a cuppa and read on as we walk you through all the nitty-gritty of planning and pulling off a successful office fit-out. 

Let’s make your workspace shine!


What is an office fit-out?

Let’s start with the basics. Imagine you’ve got this blank canvas of a space, and you’re turning it into a vibrant, productive workspace that’s all dressed up in your business’s unique style. It’s all about taking a bare-bones space and transforming it into a place that’s brimming with positive vibes and all the tools your people need to get the job done.

Now, this isn’t just a lick of paint and a few desks here and there – it’s a journey! From brainstorming and designing to building and getting all the essentials like furniture, tech, and lighting in place, there’s a lot going on.

Office fit-outs are about creating a space that looks good, feels good, and just gets those creative juices flowing. It’s a place where people can come together, share ideas, and feel great doing it. Plus, it’s your workplace is a window into what your company is all about – its values and how it presents itself.

Whether you’re sprucing up an existing office space or starting from scratch, investing in an office fit-out is like setting the stage for all the daily adventures of your team and, let’s not forget, the big wins for your business!


Why is great workplace design so important?

guide to office fit outs

Office interior design holds paramount importance as it significantly influences various facets of the work environment and, consequently, the organisation’s success. Here’s why:

Employee well-being and satisfaction:

Well-thought-out office design contributes to employee well-being by ensuring comfort, accessibility, and a healthy working environment. Features like ergonomic furniture, good lighting, and recreational spaces reduce physical strain and stress, promoting job satisfaction and well-being.

Productivity and efficiency:

A well-designed office fosters productivity and efficiency by providing a supportive environment. Zoning, noise control, and incorporating elements that reduce distractions contribute to better concentration and focus, enhancing overall work output.

Collaboration and communication:

Strategic office design facilitates collaboration and communication among employees by incorporating open spaces, communal areas, and meeting rooms. This fosters a sense of community, encourages knowledge sharing, and stimulates creative synergy.

Brand identity and corporate image:

Office interiors serve as a physical embodiment of a company’s values, culture, and brand identity. A well-designed office conveys professionalism, fosters trust among clients and partners, and serves as a tool for brand reinforcement.

Employee attraction and retention:

A visually appealing and functional office space can act as a talent magnet. Prospective employees often view a well-designed workspace as indicative of a company’s attitude towards its staff, thereby influencing recruitment and retention.

Adaptability and future growth:

Good design considers future organisational needs and growth. It allows for adaptability and scalability, ensuring that the workspace can evolve in response to changing requirements and advancements in technology.

Sustainability and environmental responsibility:

Modern office design often incorporates eco-friendly and sustainable practices. This not only reduces the ecological footprint but also enhances corporate image and can result in cost savings in the long run.

Employee morale and culture:

The aesthetic and functional aspects of office design play a significant role in shaping employee morale and cultivating a positive work culture. A well-designed workspace signifies value and appreciation towards employees, fostering a sense of belonging and commitment.

In a nutshell, a fabulous office design is like the secret sauce to creating a happy, productive, and close-knit team, while also making a great impression on anyone who walks through the door!


How much does an office fit-out cost?

Piecing together the cost of an office fit-out can feel like a jigsaw puzzle, with prices swinging based on a range of reasons – from the size of your space to the uniqueness of your design. Core contributing factors include:

Size and location:

Bigger spaces will naturally be pricier, and if you’re looking to set up shop in a bustling city, be prepared for a bit of a bump in costs due to higher labour and material prices.

Design complexity:

If you’re dreaming of a space that’s a tad more bespoke, remember that extra time, specialised skills, and potentially one-of-a-kind materials will nudge the costs up.

Quality of finishes:

Choosing between standard, middle-of-the-road, or premium finishes for everything from floors to furnishings will leave a mark on your budget.

Furniture and equipment:

Investing in comfy, specialised furniture and the latest gadgets and gizmos will take up a good chunk of your budget.

Technology integration:

Need advanced tech, fancy audio-visual gear, and other digital solutions? That’ll be an extra slice of the budget pie.

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing works:

Tweaking or upgrading the building’s existing systems can be one of the trickier and costlier components of an office fit-out.

Sustainability features:

Going green with eco-friendly materials and energy-saving lights and systems might cost a bit more upfront but can save you quid in the long run.


It’s always wise to tuck away a bit extra for those “just in case” moments, typically around 5-10% of the total project cost.

Given all these moving parts, pinning down a specific cost without all the nitty-gritty details can be difficult. But to give you a rough idea, office fit-out costs can vary between £40 and £160 per square foot or even more.


What are the key stages of an office fit-out?

office fitout guide

Executing a successful office fit-out is a meticulous process that involves several key stages. Each phase is crucial, playing a distinct role in transforming a bare or outdated space into a functional, aesthetically pleasing and conducive work environment. Here are the key stages involved:

Needs assessment and space planning:

Figure out what the organisation and its people need and want from the space by talking with stakeholders, conducting surveys, and really getting to the heart of both current and future needs.

Budgeting and cost estimation:

Create a financial game plan for the project by breaking down costs for everything from design and construction to furniture and tech.

Selection of design and build a team:

Bring together a dream team of architects, designers, contractors, and specialists by sifting through proposals, interviewing potential candidates, and negotiating contracts. To simplify this critical step, work with a turnkey office interior design and office company.

Design development:

Sketch out detailed designs and plans for the space by choosing finishes and materials, designing custom elements, and ironing out aesthetic details.

Permitting and approval:

Get the green light from relevant authorities by submitting plans, addressing any feedback, and ensuring everything’s up to code.

Construction and build-out:

Bring the design to life! Whether it’s building walls, installing lights, or handling plumbing, this is where the magic happens.

Furniture installation and technology integration:

Outfit the space with the furniture and tech it needs by setting up workstations, seating, and IT infrastructure, making the space functional and ready for action.

Testing and commissioning:

Make sure everything’s working as it should. Test out systems and fix any hiccups along the way.

Final inspection and handover:

Ensure the finished space is everything it should be. Walk through the space, ticking off any snag lists along the way.

Move management:

Moving staff and assets into their new home. Planning, packing, transporting, and setting up – all in a day’s work!

Post-occupancy evaluation:

Take stock of the fit-out’s success. Listen to feedback, evaluate how the space is doing, and make adjustments where needed.

Successful office fit-out projects that deliver office spaces that employees actually want to be in takes time and expertise. Working with a professional office fit-out company with years of experience will ensure your ideas are turned into reality, on time and within budget.

Well-being and accessibility considerations of your office fit-out 

Putting well-being and accessibility at the heart of an office fit-out isn’t just about ticking boxes – it’s about making everyone feel valued and included. Imagine walking into a workspace that just ‘gets’ you. Comfortable chairs that support your back, plenty of natural light that makes you feel awake and alert, and quiet corners where you can catch a breather—these are the little things that make a big difference.

And let’s not forget about embracing diversity and ensuring everyone can move around easily and safely. From wider doorways for wheelchair users to clear signs that help everyone find their way, it’s about making the office a welcoming place for all. And yes, it’s important to have technology that supports different needs and to involve everyone in the design process. After all, who knows better about what’s needed than the people who will use the space every day?

When we make the effort to create a workspace that supports both the physical and mental well-being of employees and is accessible to all, we’re not just building an office – we’re creating a workplace where every member feels supported, included, and able to give their best. That’s the real power of a well-planned and managed office fit-out project.


How to make your office more environmentally friendly 

eco friendly office fitout

Taking a step towards a greener office fit-out is more than just a trend; it’s about creating a space that cares for both the people in it and the world around it. Imagine walking into an office that breathes life, where the walls tell tales of reclaimed wood, and the light fixtures are a testament to energy conservation.

Just some of the ways you can consider the environment with your office fit-out project include: 

Materials with a story:

Think bamboo floors and recycled metal accents – choosing materials that are either recycled or sustainably sourced is a wonderful way to add character to your space while caring for the planet. And don’t forget to opt for paints and finishes that are low in VOCs for cleaner, fresher air!

Furniture that cares:

Picking out furniture? Look for environmental certification labels FSC or pieces made from recycled materials. Or better yet, give old furniture a new lease on life by going for recycled or refurbished pieces. 

Light up, responsibly:

Make the most of natural light and complement it with energy-efficient lighting solutions like LEDs. They can sometimes cost more upfront, but they’ll make a difference to your energy bills.

A place for everything:

Make recycling a breeze with accessible bins, and during construction, pay attention to managing waste responsibly.

Green from top to bottom:

If you can, green roofs and living walls are fantastic additions that not only look good but do good, too – they’re great for insulation and air quality.

Smart and intuitive:

Why not let technology lend a hand? Sensors can help optimise lighting and temperature, cutting down on waste, and making the office more comfortable.

On the move:

Encourage eco-friendly commutes by providing bike facilities and promoting carpooling and public transport. It’s all about making green choices easy and appealing!

Support local:

Choosing local suppliers isn’t just great for the community – it also means less transportation, and that means a smaller carbon footprint.

Engage and educate:

Bring your team along on your green journey. Share knowledge, inspire eco-friendly practices, and create a space where everyone feels empowered to make a difference.

Building a more environmentally friendly office is a journey filled with opportunities to make meaningful choices.


Create your dream workspace, designed and delivered by Truline

Looking to create a workspace that truly stands out? Then you’re already in the right place. Here are five reasons why you should get in touch with us regarding your project today:

  1. Expertise and experience:

We bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, having successfully completed numerous fit-out projects. Our team knows the ins and outs of creating a functional and vibrant workspace, ensuring a smooth journey from concept to completion. Take a look at some of our projects here

  1. Customised solutions:

We understand that every business is unique, and so should their workplace. We’re all about crafting tailor-made solutions that align with your brand identity, operational needs, and organisational goals, ensuring your office is a true reflection of your business.

  1. Quality and attention to detail:

With a strong commitment to quality, we focus on every little detail to deliver a finished design and fit-out that not only meets but exceeds expectations. We use quality materials – locally sourced where possible – and innovative design principles to create a space that’s as durable as it is aesthetically pleasing.

  1. Sustainability focus:

We can help you reduce your workplace’s environmental footprint while enjoying a modern, energy-efficient workspace.

  1. Comprehensive service offering:

We offer a turnkey solution for all your fit-out needs, covering everything from design and construction to furnishing and finishing touches. This integrated approach saves you time and hassle, ensuring a cohesive project and stunning end result.

With Truline, you’re not just getting a service provider; you’re gaining a partner committed to bringing your vision to life, creating a workspace that empowers your team and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who walks through the door.

Find out more about our office fit-out and interior design services here