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Trends, But Not As We Know Them! : Chapter II Technology


As part of the collection of blogs ‘Trends But Not As We Know Them!’ this week’s chapter focuses on Technology.


As a self proclaimed junior geriatric I think back to the 80’s when phone watches, VR and self driving cars were only present in sci-fi movies and the wildest of imaginations.

Times move on and the workplace should too. Is your office living in the archaic past or is it a cutting edge space age wonder?

Whether to improve wellbeing, productivity, convenience, technology is here to stay and should be a key consideration when planning a workplace fit out or refurbishment. The office interior design scheme can help sci-fi fantasy become a reality.

Below are the top ten technology gadgets for the workplace, recommended by Truline Construction & Interior Services.

Top 10 Technology Gadgets for the Office

Robot Hoover

1. Robot Hoover

I have one at home and couldn’t live without it. Great for all those pesky hole punch circles that appear on the floor from nowhere.

Truline recommends Eufy Hybrid, which comes with a mop attachment and mobile phone app

2. Instant Hot Water Tap

A must for coffee lovers! Not only is it more sustainably friendly than a conventional kettle but its time saving too. Everybody knows a watched pot never boils!

Truline recommends the QETTLE workplace range, which comes with large capacity boilers and chilled filtered water options.

Wireless Charger

3. Wireless Chargers

These took a while to take off before apple made their iPhones compatible. Super convenient for clients and staff, wireless chargers can be built into desks, soft seating, breakout tables etc.

Truline recommends Aircharge which also has a meeting room booking capability.


4. Interactive Whiteboard

Say goodbye to flipcharts and marker pens (I’ll miss that smell though 😢). Interactive whiteboards can upload information and save precious brainstorming ideas at the touch of a button.

Truline recommends the Samsung Flip series. It is slim, unassuming and can be hung both portrait or landscape.

5. Sit Stand Desks

According to The Heart Foundation ‘sitting is the new smoking’. Regular movement can improve health and decrease risk off disease and death.

Truline recommends Imperial Office Furniture‘s electronic height adjustable range.

6. Video Conferencing Equipment

If you have not already invested in this where have you been for the last 2 years? 🤷‍♀️ Post COVID, face to face meetings have regularly been replaced with virtual alternatives. A good video conferencing equipment is essential for the office boardroom.

Truline recommends the Logitech Group package with camera, remote, microphone and desk top dialer.

7. Switchable Privacy Glass

Switchable glass works by passing electrical current through film applied to glass, changing it from clear to opaque, using a remote or switch, offering privacy in meetings. Graphics can also be applied to add colour and branding.

Truline recommends OBG‘s commercial office range.

8. Digital Sign in System

Many workplaces have eradicated a manned reception, due to less visitors attending in person. A digital sign in system can be a helpful alternative.

Truline recommends the Digital Reception by person centered software which allows for QR reader access if contactless use is preferred.

9. Occupancy Management Systems

In the dawn of the hybrid working era offices are often occupied differently than a few years ago. Sensors can be used to determine how the office is being used and whether meeting / boardrooms are available for use.

Truline recommends Spaceflow which has a multi-use app.

10. Telepresence Robot

Now this does belong in a sci-fi movie in my opinion. Telepresence Robots, as the name alludes, allow you to be ‘present’ virtually. they have a screen attached and can maneuver around the workplace.

Truline recommends the Double 3 by Telepresence robots which has a built in monitor, obstacle avoidance and self navigation features.

Would you would like Truline Construction & Interior Services to attend your premises to offer a free technology survey to see how we can bring you into the 21st century?

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